2021 Computer Science Conference for CSU Undergraduates



Important Dates



Call for Papers



CSCSU 2021 Conference Program

9:00 Registration

9:10 Opening Remarks

9:20 Session 1  (Systems)

  • Mosquito Count Automation to Quantify Odor Reception, Jonathan Lacanlale, Katya Mkrtchyan
  • Cloud Coverage Prediction To Improve Solar Power Management, David A. Yu, Jonathon Scott, Weston Montgomery, Jaques Belanger, Divya Satrawada, Maria Pantoja
  • Achieving VNF Load-Balanced Flow Migration in Dynamic Cloud Data Centers, Phillip Aguilera, Bin Tang
  • Profiling CUDA benchmarks for Performance Analysis on Modern GPUs, Jakob Evans, Andrew Eljumaily, Matyas Krizek, Shubbhi Taneja

(10 min. break)

10:50 Session 2  (Machine Learning)

  • Playing Pokémon Red with Reinforcement Learning, Joseph Flaherty, Aaron Jimenez, and Bahareh Abbasi
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Search, Andrew T. Herdering, Hugo F. Quintero, Sara E. Centeno, Mishell L. Beylik, Jason T. Isaacs
  • A Method for a Recommender System for Web Navigation Using Categorization of Users’ Experience, Ilan Yehuda Granot, Ching-Seh (Mike) Wu
  • An Experimental Assessment of Treatments for Cyclical Data, Tanisha Mahajan, Gaurav Singh, Glenn Bruns

12:10 Lunch and Networking

   (Breakout Rooms)

12:50 Session 3  (Security, Theory)

  • Analyzing the Efficiency of Lightweight Symmetric Ciphers on IoT Devices, Jericho Rivero, Tran Ngoc Bao Huynh, Angelica Smith-Evans, Ong Thao, Yuan Cheng
  • CoinCrowder: A Blockchain Decentralized Application (DApp) and analyses, Zsuzsanna Dianovics, Nahid Ebrahimi Majd
  • Packing Edge-Disjoint T2 Trees in Constrained Bipartite Graphs, Ryan Zesch, Theresa Migler
  • Two Original Complexity Reductions, Jonathan Schreiber, Theresa Migler

(10 min. break)

2:20 Session 4  (Potpourri)

  • A Literature Survey Addressing Correlation Networks for Microbiomes, Viet Lien Nguyen, Alexis Pasulka, Theresa Migler
  • Study of Performance of an Educational Institution and Its Impact on Computer Science Students, Samuel Agazaryan, Katya Mkrtchyan, Tadeh Zirakian, David Boyajian
  • A Tutorial on How Undergraduate Computer Science Students Can Support Nonprofits, Eric Jiaming Newcomer, Elena Rose Fowler, Theresa Migler
  • Making Schools Safer and Resilient at Scale in Kyrgyzstan, Martin Jiang, Finlay Piroth, Eric Newcomer, Julian Rice, Sveta Selvan, Ziyi Wang, Steven Le

(10 min. break)

3:50 Session 5  (Systems)

  • IoT Case Study : Sidewalk Safety Monitoring System, Jungsoo Lim, Russell Abbott, Ana Guardado, Pabasara Navaratne, Alexis Pena, Jan Bautista, Hua Chen, Cristina Munteanu, Beatriz Ruiz, Aoqian Wang
  • 1 Year After Building a Smart Parking System on College Campus: Wildfire, COVID-19 and Other Unexpected Results, Henry Briseno, Yunfei Hou
  • Performance Comparison of Fault-Tolerant Virtual Machine Placement Algorithms in Cloud Data Centers, Christopher Gonzalez, Bin Tang
  • A Smart Class Chatbot for Improving Student Learning and Engagement, Eric Levas, Dionisio de Leon, Yanyan Li

5:10 Closing Remarks and Survey